Whoever said, “there are
no shortcuts in life” – is Wrong!

As we live through new experiences, the brain creates shortcuts in order to quickly access the information and be better prepared for when we are faced with similar situations in the future. These shortcuts in the brain come with experience and not necessarily with age.


We want to help turn good companies into excellent companies. Personally, I am incredibly fulfilled contributing to other people’s success and believe you get what you put out into the world. Our Vision is to identify amazing entrepreneurs and help them reach their full potential.

  • Mentor
  • Contribution to Growth
  • Love to Create
  • Passionate about Sales
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Right people + right opportunity
  • Inspiration
  • Think different
  • Anything is possible
  • Enable
  • Empower Individuals
  • Facilitate


Don’t believe in common sense. Not everyone has it. You need a documented process with checks and balances to stop mistakes people will make. Leadership personnel is key then build a team around them.


  • Information is Power
  • Data is so Important!
  • Specific and concrete goals
    measurable with milestones
  • You can only change what you measure?


  • Building the Best Sales Team
  • Psychology
  • Team Work / Motivation
  • Constructive Impatience & “You have to do it NOW!”
  • Creativity


  • Need to add Structure to support growth
  • More people is not the solution if missing organization and processes.
  • Need the right leadership team and the right process.
  • Process brings clarity
  • Modeling of excellence – Copy. Don’t invent the wheel new


  • Quality over quantity
  • Persistence / Perseverance
  • Whatever it takes attitude
  • Never stop. Never give up.
  • Top Performers allow no compromises


We invest in smart, passionate and seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven product in the market that need help connecting the dots to get to the next level. We target opportunities in developing companies past the Concept or Start-up phases and well into the Growth phase of their development.

  • Seasoned Entrepreneurs
  • Largely Assembled Team
  • Positive EBITDA
  • Passion
  • Sales Revenues of at least $1 million
  • Technology / Platform Focus
  • Right People that are ALL IN
  • Emotion


I have been fortunate to live through many experiences, both good and bad, that uniquely position me to have clarity and foresight in complex situations. Now, I would like to share this acquired knowledge with other like-minded individuals.


Investment Vehicles, Experience, Relationships, and a Network to connect the dots and funding.


Every company presents a unique set of challenges and it is only by investing in great people that we can build great companies. We focus on building collaborative, long-term relationships with entrepreneurs


Leverage our experience, expertise and talent to help companies become more successful.?


Making tough decisions, most people don’t want to do.?


Innovation guided by experience is the foundation. Our global network of successful individuals assist in transforming ideas into extraordinary results.

Real assets. Real results

At our state of the art office in Hamburg Germany we bring together our seasoned team of professionals and entrepreneurs to vet ideas and put together sound strategies and funding to help companies scale.